The Case of the Key

It was another normal day and a good time to go out shopping for the upcoming week. All was good until I got to my second stop. I started to close the car door when all of a sudden; I spied the lone car key, on the seat, just as the locked car door shut. The other keys, which had come off the main key ring, were in hand.
Now what to do? (besides the obvious) I had to grin, somewhat, because I’m thinking I don’t have a service to call and the other key I used to have was lost long ago. At least the store was within walking distance from home (my walking distance anyway), so home I went, to bounce off any further ideas with my husband who didn’t answer the phone when I tried calling.

Along the way home, I came upon a couple of kids carrying “treasure” from a drainage ditch. They were telling me about their “treasure hunt” and showing me other items they had collected and possible uses for such “treasure.” I wished the kids well as we parted and then thought, God for sure had something in mind for the key “jumping” away from the rest of the keys. Especially since I rarely see people along the route I took home.

After arriving home, I woke my husband and we proceeded to find another key that he thought we may have that would be able to open the car door (security key is needed to start the car). We had found a couple of keys, but neither worked when coming back to the car. So, calling the locksmith it was. My husband stayed behind to wait for the locksmith while I proceeded home. As it turns out, the locksmith was the brother of a friend of ours, and my husband was able to visit with him a bit. Also, the locksmith would be able to make us another key for the car (dealership pricing is very, very, very, expensive).

Life can be interesting when a “normal outing” turns into a mini adventure. I got a good walk on a nice cool day, talked with some kids, finished the shopping, and my husband got to fellowship with the locksmith which could have been the ultimate purpose that God had in mind… and maybe acquiring another car key which we’ve really been needing for quite some time too.

So next time you may have some kind of setback, look to what else may be orchestrated around you. You might find a hidden gem in the mix, perhaps even God’s hand and His still small voice saying, “I’ve got this, place your trust in me.”

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