Returning to Our Roots

A Christian Writers Support Group

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Roots Writers and Social Media Critique Group is about online dicipleship. It’s a movement for writers to return to the roots of why they write. We live in an age where the power of ideas is far mightier than the sword. Since the invention of the printing press in 1440, Christians have access to more people than in any other time in history via social media and technology, including unreached people groups. Roots is a global movement, gathering Christian writers that share the same Biblical beliefs as what we find here, together in small group style meetings that are free of charge. 

Roots encourages our writers to join other fee-based writers groups for the perks of what they provide. We also work in partnership with fee-based writers groups, not in competition of them. 

The writers of Roots meet to pray, encourage, and give and receive positive critiques of their work whether that work is fiction, non-fiction, blogs, scripts, and mini-stories posted online. 

The only agenda we have at Roots is to serve the Lord as called and obedient servants through the gift He has given us in the arts of writing. 

What We do at Roots

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We are a fun and casual group that meets once per month.

  • Pray for each other.
  • Critiquing.
  • Offer helpful writing tips and resources. 
  • Social Media/Marketing/Online Digital Disciple-making.
  • Celebrate and hold accountable to writing goals.

Guidelines to Critiquing

Click here to view the current guidelines for groups in Prescott, Arizona. This can be used as a template for your group.